Systems Integration
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IFI provides a comprehensive range of systems integration services for custom-built applications as well as COTS packages.  We leverage our capabilities in custom application development, packaged software integration, and SOA/EAI enablement to build integrated and interoperable systems for our clients.  Our integration architecture and implementation experience, combined with alliance partnerships with leading middleware software firms, enables us to address complex integration challenges for our clients.

Typical client situation

  • We need to develop a custom extension of a packaged ERP, CRM, SRM solution from Oracle or SAP
  • We need to develop a custom application to enable a core business function for which no packaged solution is available
  • We need to streamline business processes by integrating departmental applications and systems – application silos are impeding the business process flow
  • We have a proliferation and duplication of reference data customers, products etc.  We need a way to harmonize reference data across applications to facilitate effective data sharing and business visibility

Systems integration services we offer

Integration Architecture and Roadmap

  • Design of an integration roadmap for custom applications and packaged COTS solutions from Oracle, SAP and Microsoft
  • Design and development of foundational data management architectures for enterprise integration such as Master Data Management, Operational Data Store, etc. 
  • Design and development of integration architectures for proprietary EAI-based approaches as well as open, standards-based Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) 

Solution Development

  • End-to-end integration across legacy applications, third party packages and systems in order to streamline and optimize business processes, improve information flow and visibility, and reduce operational costs
  • Customization and implementation of Business Process Management tools to enable real time data sharing, workflow integration and process management
  • Implementation of enabling technologies such as enterprise middleware and custom adapters 


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