SOA and EAI Enablement
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Whether you want to web-enable your existing applications or integrate packaged solutions with existing software portfolio, the foundational elements that allow the applications and systems to interoperate in a reliable and scalable manner are critical.  IFI provides targeted services to enable client organizations in developing key EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) capabilities to enable their applications and systems to interoperate.  These foundational capabilities can then be leveraged for systems integration, web-enablement of applications, role-based portals, composite applications, cross-departmental process streamlining/orchestration etc.

Typical client situation

  • Our legacy custom and/or packaged applications were not developed with integration in mind – as a result, they do not have well-defined interfaces that would allow them to talk to one another
  • Disconnected information systems are causing duplicative data entry, high error rates and downstream data reconciliation issues
  • Long latency in cross-departmental information flow is extending lead times and ultimately impacting business performance and customer satisfaction
  • Process managers do not have a comprehensive cross-functional, cross-system view of the business
  • The current cross-system data exchange architecture is complex and unreliable
  • We would like to web-enable our applications but lack a method to programmatically interact with an application
  • We would like to develop composite applications that bring data from multiple legacy applications together for roles such as customer relationship specialist
  • We would like to create a business process management layer that provides the automated orchestration of tasks across functional boundaries, but do not have a way to programmatically invoke certain application functionalities

SOA and EAI Enablement services we offer

Integration Architecture and Roadmap

  • Identifying key applications and systems that are to be transformed into interoperable endpoints for systems integration, composite application or web-enablement
  • Design and development of integration architectures and implementation roadmap for EAI and/or SOA rollout
  • Design of a service architecture to facilitate reuse of fine-grained application capabilities

Solution Development

  • Design and development of foundational integration endpoints to be leveraged in web-enablement of applications and for implementation of composite applications, cross-functional process integration, role-based portals, etc.
  • Implementation of middleware technologies and custom adapters to expose application functionality and data in order for applications to interoperate
  • Implementation of application services for transactional and non-transactional usage


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