Process Streamlining & Optimization
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If enterprise strategy is about “doing the right things”, the processes of the enterprise are about “doing the things right”; it’s all about execution.  Business processes in many organizations consist of inefficient activities and burdensome practices.  Often, these poorly designed and outdated processes are perpetuated and become the basis for defining functional requirements of new application development efforts. 

The goal of our Business Process Streamlining and Optimization service is to simplify operations, improve operational flexibility, eliminate waste and hold costs down while improving quality and customer satisfaction.

A typical IFI Business Process Optimization project is an intense and focused effort that includes:

  • Development of end-to-end process maps that clearly depict how your business really works – what activities are performed, in what sequence, and by whom.  We study current practices, interview people at all levels, and document the formal business rules as well as informal practices.
  • For each process step, we estimate the cycle time, lead time and defect rate.
  • We perform an objective analysis of the process steps to determine if they are value-adding, value-enabling or add burden or complexity to the process.
  • We identify and document gaps and disconnects in intra- and inter-departmental hand-offs
  • We find opportunities to remove non value adding steps, minimize paperwork, improve organization of information, minimize hand-offs, improve workflow coordination, and minimize rework and reconciliation.
  • We present a Pareto chart highlighting the 20% of improvements that would generate 80% of benefits - a critical element for prioritizing improvement opportunities as improvement projects
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