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Human Services Coordination - IFI's Solutions for Information Sharing and Collaboration in State and Local Government

As state and local government agencies break the silos to share information and collaborate they are confronted with myriad policy, legal and technology challenges.  Learn how IFI's approach and solutions address these challenges.



Demystifying Offshore Outsourcing - Operating Models, Benefits and Risks

Offshore outsourcing has come of age.  Larger, more strategic and complex software development projects are increasing being sent offshore for software design and development work.  What are the best practices, operating models, rewards, and risks?.




Issue Brief - Service Level Management

An effective service level management process can yield dramatic improvements in IT service quality.



Issue Brief - Managing Confidentiality of Client Data in Human Services and Education

Much of the success of the human services and educational reform will result from the ability of the state and local governments to share data across agency boundaries. However, client data are subject to a number of federal and state laws that govern how and under what circumstances data can be shared across organizational boundaries. What are the practice and system design considerations surrounding this complex issue?


















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