Global Sourcing Strategy
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What’s driving Offshore Outsourcing?

  • Mounting competitive pressures to provide more for less
  • Desire to increase operating leverage, increase flexibility and expand margins
  • Availability of low-cost resources in developing economies for labor-intensive tasks
  • Rapid declines in communication and computing costs
  • Acceptance of the Offshore Outsourcing model as mature
  • Offshore Outsourcing increasingly being viewed as a competitive strategy driving long term profitability and market positioning

IFI can help pave the way to leverage Global Sourcing as a competitive strategy.  A Global Sourcing strategy engagement will include:

  •  Analysis of key processes and functions to assess potential for Offshore Portability
  • Offshore Value Proposition to identify measurable potential benefits
  • Analysis of Offshore Risk Mitigation Strategy to identify specific risk factors, and the governance approach and management techniques to mitigate them
  • An analysis of Offshore Readiness  to identify specific process improvements to be undertaken prior to offshore migration
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