Global Delivery
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IFI offers clients a choice of Offshore Delivery Models:

  • Full Offshore Delivery for platform migration and application renewal projects, and,
  • Hybrid Onsite-Offshore Delivery for more complex software development engagements 

We work closely with our customers to identify the appropriate delivery model and mitigate delivery risk.

Offshore services we offer:

IFI offers the following services through our hybrid onsite-offshore delivery model:

What's driving offshore delivery:

  • Mounting competitive pressure to provide more for less
  • Desire to increase operational flexibility
  • Desire to compress time-to-market for new product introductions or new market entry
  • Availability of low-cost resources for labor intensive tasks in developing economies
  • Rapid declines in communication and computing costs, and lower costs of facilities, software licenses and computing infrastructure in offshore locations
  • Acceptance of the Offshore Outsourcing model as mature
  • Offshore Outsourcing increasingly being viewed as a competitive strategy driving long term profitability and market positioning 

Managing operational risk in offshore delivery:

While offshore outsourcing offers dramatic improvements in performance, quality and cost, it has to be entered into carefully. A poorly executed arrangement can fail to generate the benefits and can add to management’s issues.  The following risk factors need to be evaluated and appropriate mitigation plans put in place early:

  • Geopolitical stability and its impact on business continuity
  • Control of customer data, intellectual property, and other sensitive information
  • Loss of business knowledge among client staff
  • Regulatory compliance

The rigor of the IFI's offshore service delivery methodology provides the foundation to develop and continuously monitor the risk mitigation plans.  IFI's offshore delivery methodology addresses the following:

  • Governance and program management processes
  • Transition management process
  • Knowledge management process
  • Service level management process
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