Content Management & Portals
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We bring our considerable experience in designing and implementing content management systems, portals and composite applications to address our clients' challenges in managing structured and unstructured information and enterprise knowledge. 

Typical client situations

  • Our functional silos are perpetuating fragmented customer experience
  • Employees have to search multiple systems, paper files, and other data sources to have a complete view of the customer - the fragmented view of the customer is leading to missed sales opportunities and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Product design and sales teams have to sift through catalogs, supplier web sites and unstructured data sources to get the information they need.
  • We do not have an efficient way to search through all our information and documents – the process takes too long and is labor intensive


Services offered

Content Architecture Planning and Roadmap
  • Design of Content Management Architectures to collect, organize and disseminate content, information, knowledge and organizational expertise ultimately enabling better business decisions
  • Design of Portal Architectures to facilitate organizational learning, personalization and collaboration with the ultimate goal of delivering actionable knowledge and connecting the right people depending upon roles, business events and preferences
  • Design of data exchange elements using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Composite Application Architectures and custom adapters
Solution Delivery
  • Development of foundational components for document imaging and digital asset management, information management and enterprise search facilities using proprietary as well as open source content management platforms
  • Design and implementation of enterprise middleware to facilitate cross-system data sharing
  • Development of role-based Web 2.0 portals and composite applications
  • Integration with process management tools and systems
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