Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
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IFI offers comprehensive services for identifying effective information management strategies, developing efficient operating models for data integration, delivering data integration solutions, and assisting clients in analyzing integrated data in order to gain unique new business insights for critical decision-making.

Typical client situations

  • Analysts are spending too much time collecting and organizing data and too little time doing value added analysis work
  • Lack of a cross-system, integrated information management approach is thwarting management effectiveness and regulatory compliance objectives
  • Management can’t get the information it needs to make critical business decisions
  • Data in departmental information systems is hard to pull together for a company-wide view
  • There is redundant reference data across systems - data about customers and products are not maintained as common reference data leading to data reconciliation issues
  • There are no historical views of information providing management with longer term trends and turning points
  • Poor data quality, inconsistent data definitions across applications, and technical barriers to integration are hindering access to important information

BI and data warehousing services we offer

Assessment and Roadmap

  • Assessment of the information required for effective management and regulatory compliance   
  • Identification of hindrances and bottlenecks in today's data flow
  • Definition of the end state required to meet business objectives
  • Evaluation of the investment payback period and long term return on the effort to achieve the end state

Information Strategy and Architecture

  • Definition of a strategic approach to information management in keeping with organizational goals and objectives
  • Definition of the data architecture and operating models for metadata management, master data management, taxonomy, data integration strategy and data quality management
  • Definition of operating models for data stewardship and governance 

Data Warehouse Solution Delivery

  • End-to-end design and development of data warehouse solutions to collect, organize, and deliver integrated, timely, consistent, high quality data to serve as the “gold copy” at enterprise level
  • Design and delivery of data marts, multi-dimensional analytics, and data mining solutions


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