Application Renewal
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IFI's Legacy Systems Renewal approach is focused on maximizing the return on our clients' existing information systems through re-platforming, reengineering or web-enablement of existing applications.  IFI's experience with complex system migrations and redevelopment, combined with our offshore delivery capability, can significantly reduce cost and shorten time to market for application renewal.

Typical client situations

Business Drivers

  • You need to adapt existing applications to new business need such as new business processes, entry into new markets, introduction of new products, or leveraging  new channels
  • Your ability to compete effectively in your market is limited by inflexible legacy architectures, lack of extensibility, or long time-to-market for new features
  • Growth of the business is requiring scalability of your legacy systems beyond what they are able to deliver
  • You need to allow your customers and partners to be served more efficiently through web-based applications
  • You need to reduce complexity, duplicate data and error rates by revitalizing and integrating applications to better align with business processes

Services we offer

Assessment and Roadmap

  • Analysis of business requirements
  • Evaluation of the current state architecture
  • Analysis of the technical environment
  • Review and assessment of applications
  • Estimation of TCO 
  • Preparation of the business case development for system revitalization, reengineering or migration
  • Development of a roadmap  for modernization

 System Reengineering, Migration, Revitalization 

  • Refactoring the system architecture to meet business goals
  • Extending legacy systems to the web for employees, partners and customers
  • SOA enablement
  • Migration from client server to web architecture
  • Re-engineering an application from mainframe to an open, standards-based environment
  • Migration of a database to a new platform
  • Migrate to a new operating system
  • Migrate to a new application framework and language


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