Application Maintenance Outsourcing
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IFI offers comprehensive services  for application maintenance and support functions across a variety of technological platforms ranging from legacy mainframe and midrange systems to standards-based open environments.


Operational Flexibility
  • Reduce operational distractions for  maintenance and support of non-core functions
  • Redeploy technical talent to strategic initiatives
  • Flex up or down with transaction volume thereby reducing unwanted operating leverage


High Service Levels and User Satisfaction
  • An operating model that aligns service levels with business objectives
  • Resolution times compressed through a “follow the sun” support model
  • Strong communications, management and governance processes to serve stakeholders
  • Continuous performance improvement and cost containment planning

 Cost Savings

  • Savings from economies of scale and, at client option, offshore service delivery
  • Hidden costs of complexity reduced through process simplification,standardization and streamlining
  • Use of industry best practice frameworks such as CMMI and ITIL resulting in application stability and less rework
  • Process optimization through value added analysis of maintenance activities, d automation of key process steps, and end-to-end maintenance workflow integration 
  • Synergies and cost savings acheived through application consolidation
  • Strong knowledge management approach to document, store and disseminate information for incident response planning, problem management and root cause analysis
  • Leverage IFI’s software libraries
  • Replacing 24-7 schedule from a single location with a “follow the sun” global support model 

 Typical client situations

  • You need to reduce the cost of maintaining existing applications
  • Your applications are too problematic or complex to maintain and support
  • “Keeping the lights on” is distracting management’s focus away from more strategic initiatives
  • Overreliance on or lack of access to specialized skills
  • The business requires consistently high service levels
  • New features and enhancements need to be rolled out rapidly and at a lower cost
  • Service levels are not optimized or aligned with business objectives
  • Large and variable  business volumes cause your support needs to vary
  • Different units andgeographies have their own applications and support processes – often resulting from acquisitions or mergers

 Services we offer

  • Offshore portability analysis
  • Application production support
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Functional enhancements
  • Application performance management
  • Platform migration
  • Custom application development


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